Our Vision - Keep it simple to be Smart

We believe that children learn best when learning is made simple!

At Smart Education we follow the same curriculum that is taught to children in Wales. Therefore we are always one step ahead with your child’s learning. We ensure that we complement the work done at school in every step of our tuition programmes.

We do not believe in confusing children with methods outside of their curriculum and all the lessons we teach compliment your child’s lessons in school. Everything we do is about encouraging your child to reach their full potential and be a smart confident learner – who can find success at our learning centre, at school and as they progress through their adult/work life too.
Our individually tailored education programmes are specifically designed to help all children reach their maximum potential in maths, spelling, reading, comprehension and English as a second language. We believe that every child has the right to learn and can succeed when taught with methods that compliment their individual learning style.

All of our private tutors are qualified teachers that are completely committed to providing the highest standards in quality teaching and learning. We guarantee that your child is receiving the best education which strives to build strong foundations in learning. This in-turn encourages children to have the confidence to do their very best – always.

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