Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom


Lessons provided by qualified teachers!

Your child's lesson will be delivered by an actual teacher

Lessons last for one full hour and consist of both written and computer assisted learning. Children are taught in maximum groups of four, which allows for both one to one tuition and group work sessions. Every child enrolled with Smart Education is invited to attend a free assessment which will allow your child to meet their tutor and be introduced to our friendly and welcoming learning centre.

The free assessment will also allow your tutor to assess your child’s individual needs and identify areas that need to be addressed. Each child follows an individual programme designed specifically for them from the outcome of assessments and teacher observations.

We are passionate and committed to provide children at Smart Education with the very best combined education. Therefore ( with your permission) we liaise closely with your child’s school to ensure that we are working in a way that compliments your child’s overall growth and progression in all aspects of their education.

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