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Smart Education have reviewed and updated our risk assessment to reflect new guidance and to help us in our decision making regarding how best to implement the guidance in our centres. Official Government Guidance links can be found at the bottom of this page.

Students under the age of 11

Face masks are optional for pupils in Junior schools. Children under 11 years old are not advised to wear face coverings. Having a range of hygiene measures in place at the centre, as well as keeping pupils in distinct groups or ‘bubbles’, continues to be the advice for this age group.

Students over 11 years old

All students over the age of 11 will need to bring a mask to the centre. This mask should either be a disposable mask that is thrown away at home at the end of the day, or a fabric / non-disposable mask that has been washed the night before.

It is advised that students should bring a plastic bag in which they can store their mask when it is not in use. The previous guidance on removal of face masks still stands. Pupils must not under any circumstances leave their masks on desks or tables. When not attached to the face, masks must be stored in a plastic bag in the pupil’s pocket or bag.

When is a face covering required at the centre?

Students over the age of 11 and all adults are required to wear a mask when entering and leaving the centre at the start and end of their lesson and when moving through the centre to their class.

An easy rule to remember is that “if you are in a corridor, you must put on your mask”

We have where possible marked one-way systems in place throughout the centre buildings; however, there are some points, due to the nature of our centres, where pupils will have to pass one another. These are the times in particular, where mask wearing is important.


The wearing of face masks is not compulsory in classrooms. Control mechanisms such as hand and surface hygiene, limiting shared materials, reducing face-to-face contact with all forward facing or wall desks, or the use of a screen guard and speaking more quietly are already in place at the centre. The latest guidance states that learning and hearing requirements as well as social communication make the wearing of face coverings in classrooms inadvisable for students or teachers. All tutors will have the option of wearing a full face transparent visor so that they can easily communicate with their students.

Parents/collecting and dropping off students at the centre.

  1. We are encouraging parents to please wait outside the centre to collect their children and not to enter the building. Tutors will bring the younger students to the outside door for parents to collect at the end of their lesson. Any parents who need to enter the building must wear a face covering.
  2. Please ensure that your child is dropped off to the centre as close to their lesson start time as possible. If your child is over 11 years old and needs to wait in the waiting area, they must wear a face covering. Students will be asked to wash/sanitize their hands before their lesson begins
  3. Any parents or visitors who enter the building must wash or sanitize their hands on entry to the building
  4. All visitors must wear a mask in the centres. Visitors who stay longer than 15 minutes in the building must leave contact details for the purpose of track and trace.


  • Please can you provide your child with their own stationery, including a calculator, headphones and any other equipment that is required.
  • Please can your child bring their own water bottles with them.

Additional Sanitising Procedures

  • Please ensure that your child washes or uses alcohol based sanitises on their hands before they enter the classroom. Hand sanitises are available in every classroom. Disposable towels are provided in every wash-room facility.
  • In all centres the cleaning of work stations, equipment & toilets has all been increased. Each workstation is wiped down with antibacterial products after each use.
  • Tutors have the option of using screen guards or face guards to teach within the classroom as necessary.

If you would like to chat about any of the above please feel free to call or drop us an email. Thank you for your support and together we can hopefully help reduce the spread of Covid 19.

Please find links below to the Welsh Government Website for up to date advice and guidance concerning the Corona virus pandemic.

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