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English Tutors in South Wales

Is your child struggling with reading, spelling or creative writing? 

High quality English tuition tailored to your child’s needs

We provide professional, personalised English tuition delivered by experienced and DBS checked teachers. Your child will receive the individual attention they deserve, the opportunity to develop and improve their English skills, and importantly, the chance to increase their confidence.

Our qualified teaching staff support can help support your child to catch up on school work, help with GCSE preparation, or work towards their A level exams. We emphasise individual progress and prioritise the needs of your child.

Primary Student Tuition Support

We strongly believe that younger children should enjoy learning!

Our focus is to make sure your child has fun during English sessions and starts to build confidence they can take back to the classroom. With their new found confidence your child’s approach to learning will change dramatically.

We consistently encourage and praise our little learners and actively encourage them to become our ‘Star of the Week’. Ensuring that they receive all the praise they need to continue to make progress.

Secondary Student Tuition Support

We understand that while some children love using their imagination to make up stories, they may find it hard to write their ideas coherently. Others may simply need some extra help to structure essays.

Our tuition focuses on the specific areas your child finds difficult. We can help your child with a topic they have struggled to understand in school, or cover the English curriculum as a whole.

GCSE English Literature and English Language Tuition

Give your child the additional support they need in time for their English GCSE, and open a world of possibilities as they get older.

Our tutors can teach every aspect of GCSE English Literature and English Language, including past paper questions, revision techniques and exam preparation. We’ll ensure your child has the tools they need to revise the material on the syllabus and can walk into their exams feeling calm and confident.

A Level Tutors for English Literature and English Language

Our A level tuition gives students the invaluable opportunity to explore creative writing assignments, revise set texts and prepare for lengthy essay questions outside of the school environment.

We take an overarching approach to exam preparation and ensure your child is comfortable with the format of the exam papers themselves, as well as their subject knowledge.

English Topics

We help support all topics covered by the National Welsh Curriculum including:

English Literature and English Language (GCSE)

  • Prose and Poetry
  • Literary Heritage Drama and Contemporary Prose
  • Shakespeare
  • Welsh Writing in English
  • Oracy
  • Reading and Writing: Description, Narration and Exposition
  • Reading and Writing: Argumentation, Persuasion and Instructional

English Literature and English Language (A Level)

  • Prose and Drama
  • Poetry Post-1900
  • Poetry Pre-1900 and Unseen Poetry
  • Shakespeare
  • Prose Study
  • Exploring Language
  • Language Issues and Original and Critical Writing
  • Language over Time
  • Spoken Texts and Creative Re-casting
  • Language and Identity

What can you expect at Smart Education?

Our approach to English tuition is based on understanding how we can effectively meet the needs of your child.

Before our students receive any tutoring, they will complete a short English assessment. We use the results of every assessment to create a unique learning plan that is specific to your child.

Your child will work on their personalised learning plan, with the same qualified teacher, during every small group tuition session. By ensuring your child always works with the same tutor, we can encourage good relationships to develop between your child and their tutor, as well as between parents and tutors.

Parental Input and Communication

Students will usually receive homework at the end of every session. For children about to sit exams, homework will be past papers. If you don’t want your child to receive any homework on top of their school work, please just let us know.

We know how important it is for you to understand your child’s progress in real time. Your child’s tutor will give you regular, informal feedback at the end of each session. Every 3 months your child will be formally assessed and you’ll receive the results by email.

You can book English lessons after school during weekdays or on the weekends.We also run revision courses during the school holidays to help students catch up before their exams.

The Welsh Curriculum

All of our tutors are qualified teachers with full enhanced DBS checks. All of our teachers stay up to date with the curriculum for Wales guidance, so you can be confident in knowing that any tutoring your child receives with us will always compliment the learning they do at school.

Help your Child Develop their English Skills

Our tutors can help your children to feel more confident about their English skills, and can teach everything from spelling and grammar, to comprehension and creative writing.

Through personalised tuition delivered by qualified and DBS checked teachers, we can not only improve your child’s subject knowledge, but also help them to manage any anxieties surrounding a lack of confidence in the classroom.

Give your child the support they need to improve their English skills. Help them to feel happier completing school work, comfortable sitting exams and proud of their progress.

For more information about our English tuition or to book a free assessment for your child, please fill out the form on our Contact page.

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