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Online Lessons

We have all subjects and areas covered from Reception to A Level.
We are so proud of our online classes & the dedication from our team of superb tutors & students.
If you would like support for your child, or if you are looking to get ready for the next steps, please get in touch. We are ready and waiting to help you get through this.

£7 per 40 min lesson

Excellent Qualified Local Teachers

Maths, English, Reading, Science

Attend & Pay for as many daily lessons that suit you!

All our Virtual School Lessons are FREE to our Smart Education Students!

Not one of our weekly students

We love new faces & your child is more than welcome to attend our Virtual School, for just £7 per lesson. All our lessons are taught by qualified teachers from our Award Winning Tuition Centres!

How to book a lesson at our Vitual School

Please email with the following:

  1. The full name of your child
  2. State if they are a current student at Smart or a newbie?
  3. The number (code) of the lesson / s you would like. Feel free to book in as many suitable lessons as you choose.

Any questions, please feel free to ask! Our number is 07811 840 888

1V Monday. Victoria @ 11.30 Maths Strong focus on fractions, ratio, reasoning, problem solving, long multiplication and division. Ideal for upper primary school children and focusing on getting ready for the next year group. 8 - 11 years old (KS2)
2N Monday. Nic @ 12.30 English Lessons will be based on creative writing and reading skills. Ideal for the upper primary school children or those children working at that level. 8 - 11 years old (KS2)
3M Tuesday. Mark @ 12.30 English / GCSE Focus on writing skills & how best to use them when preparing for GCSE coursework & exams. How to write reports, descriptive writing, summary, synthesis, etc. 14 - 16 years old (GCSE)
4V Tuesday. Victoria @ 4.30 English Lessons will be based on creative writing, punctuation, using words for effect and tricky words. 11 - 14 years old (KS3)
5J Tuesday John @ 11.30 Maths GCSE Specifically for students who are entering their GCSE year or are working at a level where they would like to join in with GCSE maths. 14 - 16 years old (Year 9,10,11)
6R Wedneday Rich from 10.30 Science - KS3 & GCSE Lessons will focus on all three sciences - Chemistry, Biology & Physics. Each week a new topic and subject will be taught. 14 - 16 years old (year 9,10,11)
7C Wednesday Christie @ 13.45 Basic Skills Number work & phonics ideal for early learners or those little ones who are learning basic skills. 5 - 7 years old (KS1 & KS2)
8R Wednesday Rich @ 11.30 Maths Lessons will focus on the all relevant and important maths topics for secondary school pupils. 11 - 14 years old (KS3)
9M Wednesday Mark @ 12.30 English what to expect for GCSE. A course which will focus on what to expect for your GCSE year. Including looking at literature, language, extract analysis, poetry & Shakespeare. 14 - 15 years old (year 9 & 10)
10J Thursday John @ 12.30 Maths Introduction to A-level. Ideal for those students who are thinking about, are currently or will be studying A-level Maths. Suitable for A/S or A-level learners. 14 - 17 years old (GCSE, AS & A level)
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